Three of a Kind
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The book has three sections:

-10 rhythmic studies, each focusing on a particular rhythm which is introduced in each piece by a 2-bar phrase.

-10 arpeggio studies, each based on a right-hand pattern.

-10 legato studies, descending and ascending slurs and a mix of both.

These studies are a valuable contribution to the beginner's technical development.


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REVIEW "Three of a Kind" in classical Guitar

This is an extremely useful book for any teacher looking for early material which is concerned with the introduction of basic guitar technique. The book is divided in three sections; rhythm, arpeggio and legato.
In general the book is well produced. I recommend it.

Book examples
Basso Chromatica (arpeggio)Sheet music 
Legato StudiesSheet music 
Waltz / JigSheet music 
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I am a teacher of guitar playing and your songs and exercises
I consider it excellent and very helpful.
Regards Milan Vaculik

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