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13 Duets for C, Es en Bes instruments

Play duets at home - with Cool & Easy.

Cool & Easy contains 13 duets for C, B-flat and E-flat instruments in various combinations. For instance, a flutist can play with a clarinettist or a trumpeter, or a clarinettist with a saxophonist, etc., etc. (* The players do of course have to play their own C, B-flat or E-flat parts).

Supported by the play-along CD, Cool & Easy is the perfect aid for developing duet technique.

Each number has three tracks on the CD: listen to the 2nd part first before joining in with the 1st, then listen to the 1st part and play along with the 2nd. Track 3 is for orchestra alone, so that you can play the duets with an orchestral accompaniment.

Also available for each piece is a piano accompaniment with chord symbols, so that you can play along with a piano or a guitar.

You will find a wide range of light music pieces: pop, blues, jazz, latin, dance and even flamenco.

What is more, you can play the 1st part as a soloist, accompanied by the CD, and there’s plenty of scope for improvisation too.

grade 1/2.

Price: 15,95 Euro

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