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Guitarra Tirando consists of 39 compositions in which the focus is on the tirando stroke.

In most of the pieces the left hand has relatively little to do, so that the student can concentrate on right-hand movement and the tirando technique.

A variety of styles are represented, ranging from blues and South-American to classical.

Guitarra Tirando is easily adapted to most current guitar methods and music, and is an indispensable step towards the development of a fully-fledged guitar technique.

Grade 1/2

Price: 15,95 Euro

Sheetmusic in Pdf (Acrobat), Audio in Mp3

Book examples
Guitarra Tirando (page 5)Sheet musicAudio
Joporo (page 27)Sheet musicAudio
Salsa (page 48) Audio
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Just what I was looking for. This book 'invites' the young guitarist to develop a good right hand facility and logical technique. Success where others fail to deliver the goods. A blend of artistry, experience and common sense.
(John Arran, )

This is a very attractive collection of pieces specially good for the right hand. It´s one of the books I´m using in combination with a guitar method.
These are the kind of pieces that I would have loved learning when I was a beginner.
Now that I am a teacher, these are the types of pieces that I love teaching.
I really recommend this book.

(, )

This is a really nice book with nice guitar pieces. Joep Wanders has made it possible to play beautiful songs while being a beginner. Without knowing every piece introduces you to a new position for your fingers or introduces you to a new rythm. I'm almost done with the book, I will be getting the guittara pro after this one. I think I'll be still using it sometimes in the future just because there are some really beautiful pieces in it. The CD is very helpful and beautiful to listen to.
(, )

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