Go for...Guitar Vol. 1
New Guitar
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Two basic guitar techniques are treated in this popular edition.

The book has 2 sections. Section 1 focuses on the melody bass stroke. Section 2 presents the simultaneous thumb-and-finger stroke.

The pieces are composed in familiar styles. GO for....GUITAR is ideal for music-making and can be used in conjunction with the most common guitar tutors and music.

This book is recently revised and extended up to 48 pages.
The enclosed CD contains samples to listen to as well as some play along tracks.


Price: 13,95 Euro

Sheetmusicsamples in Pdf, Audio in Mp3

Book examples
Double Talk (1st page)Sheet music 
Driesprong / TrinitySheet music 
EspanaSheet music 
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This book is absolutely the best 2nd book for a beginner. (The best 1st book is Wanders' Go for .. Guitar - Basic.) It has the most gradual progression into playing 2-part classical guitar from music notation that I've ever come across. Its many pieces are very simple yet pleasant to listen to. My student is very reluctant to try anything new - but because Wanders introduces each new skill so simply, she has happily worked her way through this book.
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I have to admit, this is quite an interesting collection.
It is extremely versatile in that it expresses every genre and its contained flavors, while completely guitaristic and simple to play.

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