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Play with your own band - you can, with CD-SESSION.

Any kind of pop style, with a band that accompanies you whenever you want.

Your playing will benefit from this musical stimulus to carry on with your instrument.

First you listen to the pieces, then you play your own part with the accompaniment tracks.

The CD is thus both instructive and ideal for playing along with.

Styles include rock, blues, dance, samba and reggae.

Co-author of the album is Harry Hoogenberg.

Grade 1/2

Price: 13,95 Euro

REVIEW "CD Session" in Music Teacher

CD Session contains ten pieces with a band accompaniment.
The pieces are all recorded on the CD with the solo line and then played again
Leaving the solo part out.
The pieces are not tecnically difficult, about grade 1-3.
It's lots of fun and should inspire the most uninterested pupil to play.

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