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A collection of 10 pieces in a lighter vein for the more advanced guitar student.

Fingerpicking, a choro, a Venezuelan waltz, a salsa and a ragtime, finishing up with a bossa-nova duet, reflect important aspects of performance culture.

The bossa-nova duet "Jet Lag" is on the CD "Go for Duets" in two versions - one for listening, the other for playing along with
( see also "audio" below)


Price: 7,95 Euro

Sheetmusic samples in Pdf, Audio in Mp3

REVIEW "Guitarra Fiesta" in Classical Guitar

This is a fun book with ten pieces extending the repertoire of the classical guitar beyond the usual stuff. There is a jolly fingerpicking piece and Latin America is well represented.
The book is worth getting.

REVIEW "Guitarra Fiesta" in Guitar

The collection includes rags, sambas, a bossa nova, a ballad so as you see the book is really a collection of light entertaining pieces. All are nicely melodic with an interesting rhytmic variety.
Well recommended to widen the average student fare.

Sheetmusic in Pdf (Acrobat), Audio in MP3

Book examples
Cordao Audio
Jet Lag (duet) Audio
La Fiesta (1st page)Sheet music 
Why? Audio
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I've been playing the classical guitar for about 20 years now. I picked this book up in a music shop in the UK several years ago now and it's one of my favourite books which I revisit every now and then. I particulary like the two sambas though all of the pieces are interesting and musical. Also, the notes fall nicely under the fingers so you don't have to be a virtuoso to play them.

(Shaun Bullard, )

Had this book for years. I love these pieces especially Cordao
(shaun bullard, )

Ich liebe die Gitarrennoten, die du schreibst. :)
Speiel sie zu jeder Gelegenheit und kann so schön in ihnen versinken.
Danke für diese schöne Musik!

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

(, )

I have 3 books of yours, but this one is my favourite. Great job!
(, )

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