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Blues rock Dance Latin Jazz Pop Fusion Flamenco Samba Reggae

In Guitar & Co you,re the soloist because you can play all 16 pieces along with the enclosed CD. First listen to the complete version and then practise your own part. When you can play it without any mistakes or stops, play along with the track on the CD.

-1- Guitar Worksong
-2- Easy Rock
-3- God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
-4- The Guitar Dance (Dance)
-5- Cross Over (Rock)
-6- Confused
-7- Solid rock
-8- Dance Session
-9- Latin Dance
-10- Eagle Eyes (Pop)
-11- Dreaming (Ballad)
-12- Cool & Easy (Fusion)
-13- Jazz Cafe (Swing Jazz)
-14- Ocho Rios (Reggae)
-15- Poco Flamenco
-16- Samba Modinha

Grade 2/3

Price 16,95 Euro 32 Pages + CD

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The Guitar Dance (1st page)Sheet musicAudio
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Great book. We were looking for some material fo my 8 year old son and this was just what he needed. Great musical ideas very stimulating for the student. We definately want to check out more of your stuff.
God Bless

(Steve, )

Just bought your book( guitar and co). love it want more, i am looking now, thanks.

Best; Vincent

(, )

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