Go for Guitar Vol. 2
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Go for Guitar Vol. 2 NOW WITH CD (samples and 9 playalongs)

Go for Guitar has proved its worth over the past few years. A new edition, vol. 2, has now appeared. The original book has been revised, with the addition of a number of new pieces. The new selection is entitled Go for Guitar Vol. 1.

The new Go for Guitar Vol 2 is a collection of new pieces and arrangements of traditionals with, as a bonus, 10 pages of Christmas carols.
Go for Guitar Vol 2 extends the range of two-part playing by introducing “fingered” basses.
Many of the pieces are preceded by exercises and scales. The styles graded in ascending order of difficulty, are varied and recognizable. A section is devoted to “playing with a low D-string”; attention also focuses on the second position. Chord accompaniments are introduced.

Vol. 2 contains 56 pages + CD Price 13,95 euro

Grade 2/3

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