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Play duets at home with the play-along CD and GO for....DUETS.

12 simple guitar duets in a variety of styles with separate, distinctive guitar parts.

Bonus tracks on the CD present duets from earlier Broekmans & Van Poppel editions.

This book is meant to stimulate the student's interest in ensemble playing, promote rhythmic skills and provide musical enjoyment.


Price: 15,95 Euro

Sheetmusicsamples in Pdf, Audio in Mp3

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The novel feature of Go for Cduets is, that each of the 12 pieces is recorded on the accompanying CD three times; once as a duo and each part separately. The advantage is obvious. Players of not less than grade 2 standard are needed. It is an exellently conceived and produced book.

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Starters BluesSheet musicAudio
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Hello, my name is Nacho, and I am a guitar teacher in a Music School from Spain.

Recently I bought "Go for CDuets" and really I´ve found this book very very useful for my classes.

I think playing together is more important than to play alone. In my opinion, playing with others you learn more, enjoy more, and you learn to listen to your partners.

I really recommend this book to guitar students and guitar teachers.

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