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You are the "Spanish" soloist with an orchestra in Memorias de España as you can play along with the enclosed CD.
The compositions are based upon the broad Spanish music culture with many Flamenco influences.
In Memorias de España you can play among others the following pieces: Soleares, Bolero, Alegria, Pasodoble, Granadinas and many moreà..
All compositions can be played without the CD as solo pieces also.
The high-quality CD will give you a great deal of listening and playing pleasure.
Grade of difficulty 3/4 (32 pages)
PRICE: € 15.95

Book examples
AlegriaSheet music 
Campanas de Noche (1st page)Sheet music 
Cancion PopularSheet music 
Con SentimientoSheet music 
CortadoSheet music 
Danza Flamenca (1st Page)Sheet music 
Gitano Audio
Guitarra Morena Audio
PequeñoSheet music 
Sueño Audio
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