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Free Fingerstyle Guitar (and TAB) (Bk-Demo Cd) (Introduction to Fingerpicking, Folk, Country, Ragtime for Steel-string and Classical Guitar)

The roots of this style are found in North American Country, Ragtime and Celtic Folk Music. It also has a major influence in pop music.
Starting with the basics there are 30 pieces and small exercises listed. The music is presented inßboth music notation and guitar tablature in order to increase the accessibility. Furthermore, there is also a CD included on which all up-tempo pieces are also played in a slower tempo.

Book examples
(Keep your) Fingers Crossed Audio
Country SpiritualSheet music 
Drop D-DaySheet music 
Pickin'Jingle BellsSheet music 
RagdollSheet music 
Ringtone Audio
Scarborough FairSheet music 
Steam Ship SpainSheet music 
Uptown Player Audio
When the Saints Audio
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