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My new book “Guitar Recital” contains 15 Solopieces for the intermediate guitarist and can be seen as a continuation to Pro Tirando.

1. Sonata Clȧsica- I. Prelude
2. Sonata Clȧsica - II Andante
3. Sonata Clȧsica - III Moderato
4. Sonata Clȧsica - IV Rondo
5. Gymnopedie
6. A Song for All
7. Aurora
8. Carol of the Bells
9. The Water is Wide
10. Serenata Castellana
11. Preludio Brasileiro
12. Preludio Ligado
13. State of Mind
14. Crystal Memory
15. Case Closed

The Cd provides you the possibility to listen to all the pieces. The CD also contains the 10 pieces from Guitarra Fiësta BP 1585.The music is presented in both music notation and guitar tablature in order to increase the accessibility.
40 Pages, € 17,95 Grade 4 , Cd contains 25 tracks
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Book examples
Preludio Ligado  Audio
A Song for All Audio
Aurora  Audio
Carol of the BellsSheet musicAudio
Case Closed Audio
Crystal MemorySheet musicAudio
GymnopedieSheet musicAudio
Preludio BrasileiroSheet musicAudio
Serenata Castellana Sheet musicAudio
Sonata Clȧsica - II Andante  Audio
Sonata Clȧsica - III Moderato  Audio
Sonata Clȧsica - IV Rondo Audio
Sonata Clȧsica- I. Prelude Sheet musicAudio
State Of MindSheet musicAudio
The Water is Wide Audio
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I've been receiving your emails for several years, but have only just sat down to listen to some of the audio tracks (sorry)! You are a fine guitarist, and the tracks I've heard from this book are the most melodic intermediate-level pieces I've come across since Peter Nuttall's "Twelve Inventions". I definitely want a copy!
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