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About the author

Joep Wanders (1956) studied classical guitar at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam with Wim Pfister, graduating in 1981. He attended master-classes given by Hubert Kappel, Roberto Aussel and others.

While still a conservatory student he joined Gerrit de Boer (co-author of some of these editions) in a classical guitar duo which gave frequent performances and made recordings for radio and TV, for example in "Jonge mensen op het concertpodium" (young concert performers).

Early on in his musical career Joep Wanders became interested in writing educational and performance material for the guitar.

Inspired by his wife Pollyann, a flute teacher, he published several editions for flute.

He then began to write educational music for other instruments, such as the piano, saxophone and clarinet.

Joep Wanders' publications are used in many countries. Some of his compositions are compulsory examination pieces

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